Each year, a few weeks after the beginning of the academic year, AGORAé opens its doors to welcome future student beneficiaries and to conduct their interviews.

If you wish to become a beneficiary, you will need to fill out an application and bring these documents with you:

  ● Student card or certificate of attendance

  ● Proof of housing (rent receipts, housing certificate, lease...)

  ● CAF certificate (APL/ALS) for students who are entitled to it.

  ● Proof of bills (water, electricity, telephone, etc)

  ● Scholarship notification if you are a scholarship recipient.

  ● Last 2 pay slips or copy of employment contract if you are working.

Find a map to get to AGORAé attached here!

How to get there


Monday: 2pm - 5pm

Tuesday: 4pm - 5pm

Wednesday: 2pm - 4pm

Thursday: 2pm - 5pm

Here is the application form for food aid from AGORAé in Caen:

Please don't forget your photocopied supporting documents! If you do not have a printer or scanner, you can come to AGORAé to use ours.

Don't hesitate to come and see us at the grocery store for more information and so that we can help you fill out your application!

Already a beneficiary last year? You will still have to register again.

You can contact us anytime on our Instagram page if you run into any problems, don't understand what you need to do, or have any questions!